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Deadline: 7 aprile 2024

The deadline will not be extended and late-breaking abstracts will not be submitted

Important information for abstract submission

For the first time, in the 16-year history of ICAR, accepted abstracts (maximum of 300 abstracts) will be published in an indexed BMJ STI Journal https://sti.bmj.com/ (Impact Factor: 3.6 - Citescore: 5.9) and published as a online supplement: an important recognition at international level for the entire Italian scientific community. Acceptance for publication in BMJ STI Journal is optional and must be confirmed by the presenting Author at the time of abstract submission, as per the instructions below. Accepted abstracts will also be included in the ICAR 2024 Abstract Book and in the Congress Web Repository.

How to submit an abstract

  • In order to submit the abstract, it is necessary to register in advance on My ICAR in the name of the Presenting Author, who will receive all official communications and, in case of acceptance of the abstract, will be able to take advantage of the services dedicated to the Congress, such as the upload of the Poster and/or audio contribution if requested.
  • Once your account has been activated, you will be able to login to My ICAR with your credentials, click on Abstract Form and submit your abstract.
  • It will be possible to save your abstract and make changes before the final submission, which must be made by 7 April 2024.
    Once the abstract has been submitted, it will no longer be possible to make changes.
  • Once the abstract has been sent, the system will automatically send an e-mail notifying that the abstract has been received.
    If you do not receive the e-mail, please contact the organising secretariat by e-mail at: abstract.icar@effetti.it
  • The Scientific Secretariat will determine the mode of presentation of each abstract (Poster, Oral Poster or Oral Communication) on the basis of the scores received from the Reviewers.

Important notes for Presenting Author

The author submitting the abstract is considered the Presenting Author and:

  • assumes responsibility for the accuracy of the submitted abstract in all its parts by certifying that the first author and co-authors agree with its contents
  • will receive official communications by e-mail from the Organising Secretariat
  • in case of acceptance of the abstract, will have to present the work at the Congress
  • will have access to MyIcar for the upload of the Poster and/or audio contribution if requested
  • may be selected for the Scholarship dedicated to young researchers ≤ 40 years old
  • Exceptionally, and for unavoidable reasons (such as the inability to attend the Congress), the Presenting Author must promptly notify the Organizing Secretariat (by email to: abstract.icar@effetti.it) the name of the co-author who will replace him/her.
    The change of name does not entitle the participant to a new scholarship, as the number of scholarships is limited (as detailed on the following page).

Abstracts Track

• When submitting, the author may choose from the following topics

Abstracts Tracks

It will also be possible to submit the abstract as a case report, choosing the relevant topic and reporting the essential information components:


  • Problem presentation

Case Presentation

  • Subjective disease history and personal and family history;
  • Objective data (clinical and observed course up to case description);
  • Assessment (diagnosis, differential diagnosis and comorbidities);
  • Clinical procedures used, also reviewing the diagnostic probability before and after results (initial and subsequent status). Therapy implemented and its rationale
  • Outcome in terms of improved health status, recovery, unexpected complications, side effects; Possible follow-up period and modalities;

Discussion e/o Conclusions

  • Discussion of observations and results
  • Contribution of the case to the knowledge base of the clinical problem
  • Possible proposals and recommendations for practice and research

BMJ STI Journal and Abstract Book

Submission requirements

  • Abstracts must be written in English and have a maximum length of 3000 characters, including spaces.
  • Previously published results will not be accepted.
    Abstracts with results previously presented at congresses may be submitted as long as they contain additional, previously unreported information.


  • Only the first letter of the title or appropriate terms such as abbreviations or proper nouns should be upper case


  • Also include the name of the Presenting Author in the authors field
  • Enter only the first initial of the First Name and Surname in full, indicating the reference number corresponding to the Affiliation

    Example A. Rossi1, M. Verdi2...


  • Insert in each affiliation, City and Country
  • Enter the reference number corresponding to the Author

    Example 1Institute, City, Country; 2Institute, City, Country

Abstract Body

  • The text should be structured to include the following 4 sections: Background, Material and methods, Results, Conclusions. For Case Reports: Background, Case presentation, Discussion and/or Conclusions.


  • You can attach a file (max. 3 MB) containing only graphics or images. High resolution, readable images are recommended.
  • All figures/tables must be clearly numbered (e.g. Table 1, Table 2) and cited both next to the figure and in the text of the abstract.
  • A legend should be included below each image/table.

Author Index

  • An index containing the names of the Presenting Author will be included in the BMJ STI Journal, as per submission of the abstract. Name changes can - exceptionally - be accepted until May 20, 2024. After this date, any name changes will not be considered.


  • Abstracts will undergo pre-editing but not copyediting.
  • Obvious mistakes will be corrected and the abstracts will be amended to house style as appropriate.

Authorisation for publication

  • When submitting an abstract, the Presenting Author, with the permission of all authors, accepts the terms and conditions of BMJ’s standard licence to publish for abstracts.
  • Please check the abstract carefully before submitting, as the revision timeframe does not allow for changes of any kind (content, authors/affiliations, attachments, etc.).

Recommendations for the submission of abstracts

The ICAR scientific committee firmly believes that language is a powerful tool in shaping beliefs and influencing behaviours, particularly in the context of addressing the stigma surrounding chronic infections such as HIV and viral hepatitis. We urge conference attendees to prioritize person-centred language and be mindful of how their language and materials align with this principle. To assist in this effort, we recommend the adoption of UNAIDS-endorsed terminology, such as referring to people as “living with HIV” rather than “HIV-infected”. Together, we promote inclusivity and respect for all individuals affected by HIV and other chronic infections.

Abstract Form